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SAdkRF 2014: Indian Lake Region

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Whitewater Challengers hosts the Festival this year, providing a great place to meet, grab a bite, collect info, and head out to some of the best wilderness climbing anywhere. As Jim and Jeremy launch their latest edition of the Adirondack Rock guidebook, we see a lot of new areas popping up in this region, as well as places that have become classics since their original publication back in 2008.
Come on over and join the fun this year, September 5 - 7!

Schedule 2014

We will be holding the Festival at Whitewater Challenger's Hudson River HQ this year. We will be using their parking lot in North River for registration, information dispersal, and general hang-out locale.

Primitive camping is available at several nearby locations, there are several hotels and motels in the area, and Whitewater Challengers will be offering cheap camping spots onsite.


2014's climbing venues include Starbuck (the closest crag to the Festival Site), Black, Sugarloaf, Snowy, and several other nearby mountains. The climbing styles range from the boulders off Route 30 to mountaintop sport climbing and of course, good old Adirondack Trad galore.
From the south, take exit 23 Warrensburg off the Northway. Left at the end of the ramp, right onto Rt.9. Take Route 9 through the town of Warrensburg, and about 2 miles north of town, turn left onto Route 28. Take Rt. 28 for about 20 minutes/miles, passing through The Glen, Wevertown, and North Creek before driving along the Hudson River for a few miles into North River. Look for the Whitewater Challengers Raft Base on the left. If you begin going up a long hill, you missed it, come back.

About the Festival

When Is It?

SAdkRF is held the weekend after Labor Day, annually. For 2014, this is Friday through Sunday, September 5 - 7.

What is it?

A Casual Get-Together introducing folks to the rock climbing of the Southern Adirondacks. Climbers from all over get a hands-on introduction to lesser-known climbing venues in the Adirondacks, and local SAdk climbers get to meet each other, swap info, and take turns showing off their favorite crags.

The event is FREE.
Lodging options run from free wilderness camping up to posh and pricey 5-star hotels.

What's the Schedule?

Our schedule is pretty loose. We generally pick a central location for congregating and carpooling to the featured crags.

During the event, locals help folks get to the cliffs, get oriented, make suggestions, and maybe set up a Top-Rope or two for everyone. Each day, a specific crag is chosen to be the featured venue for that day, and that's where TRs are established, and you can expect to meet the bulk of your fellow climbing friends.
Of course, the Adirondacks is a free and loose place; you may choose to climb elsewhere any time. Chat with the locals when you stop by for good directions and beta.
There are plenty of camping options available. Email me ( for more information on these.

Why is it so...casual?

After discussing several issues concerning organized events on Park lands, we changed the format of the Southern Adirondack Rockclimbers' Festival. In order to maintain access to the incredible climbing opportunities during the festival, the official site is always on private property. During the day, participants are free to roam at will. This frees local rangers from the need to oversee and enforce regulations for the event, while freeing us from expenses, liability, and paperwork that, bluntly, would otherwise kill the Festival.

What does this mean for SAdkRF guests? Well, not much, to be honest. Rather than focus on one specific crag, we cover a general area. We won't organize camping on State Land, but look for private landowners willing to put up with a lot of people clomping around on their property - much like Gary Dean did in 2011. It does mean we (the event organizers) will have to define areas for each year and find landowners in each of them; thus those areas may get defined by who/where we can find said willing landowners.

You may have to find camping in some cases - which is dirt simple in the Adirondacks. In some cases, camping may be available onsite for a fee, as is the case in 2014. Otherwise, registrars can point out the options in each area.
It also means a heightened respect and treatment of the land during the event. A lot of people can create a lot of trash, sewage, and traffic; we ask you to minimize each to the best of your ability, so we don't lose future use of private properties or increased surveillance at the crags.
In the future, this may lead to some cost associated with the Festival. We're crossing our fingers that this does not happen; and don't plan on it happening this year (read: It is still free in 2014), but if we need to rent Portapotties, acquire permits, or pay for cleanup, those costs will have to be passed onward.

For more information, contact:

For more information, contact:

Put "SAdkRF" as the subject.

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Southern Adirondack Rock Fest Bear
Southern Adirondack Rock Fest Bear