Mountainside Adventures

Mountainside Adventures

Rock Climbing on Crane Mountain

Top Roping & Anchor Courses

TRA 01: Basic Top-Rope Anchors

Top-roping is a proven means of improving your climbing skills, but it requires a secure anchor. In this course, you will learn how to use a few pieces of gear to build safe, "bombproof" anchors that you and your climbing companions can depend on.

TRA 02: Gear Anchors

When a static line won't do, specialized gear comes into the act. In this course, you will learn how to properly place climbing protection, from chocks to cams, and combine multiple placements into rock-solid, safe anchors. We cover force/vector considerations, opposition placements, and the fundamental rules of gear anchors.

Prerequisites: L2C01 or knowledge of harnesses, shoes, and helmet, ability to tie in with a Figure-8 Retrace Knot

From here, you can choose the safety of climbing with guides, in the company of skilled leaders, or begin the process of becoming proficient yourself through Top-Rope Anchor and Learn to Lead courses.

Prerequisites: L2C02 or proficiency with harnesses, tying-in, and belay technique.