Mountainside Adventures

Mountainside Adventures

Rock Climbing on Crane Mountain

Learn to Climb

L2L 01: On the Sharp End

You want to understand the risks and responsibilities of lead-climbing? This is the place to begin. We explain what leading entails, why it is different from top-roping, and the fundamentals of making it as safe as possible. The day includes a lot of instruction in choosing good routes, proper gear-placement, and sound rope systems.

Prerequisites: TRA02 or proficiency with climbing equipment and techniques. You should have your own belay tools, shoes, harness, and helmet.
While not required, you should have begun building your own rack by this time.

L2L 02: Reaching Higher

You understand what the sharp end means. Perhaps you have led a few easy routes. You want to learn how to move on longer, more strenuous terrain. We teach methods to make you more efficient on multipitch routes and the basics of pushing yourself on lead: hanging belays, making the most of minimal stances, racking techniques, downclimbing, routefinding, and other skills vital to this type of climbing.

Prerequisites: L2L01 or proficiency at leading easy, one-pitch routes. You must have your own rack and be confident at climbing 5.6 or harder terrain, capable of leading 5.3 or harder.

L2C 03: Pushing the Limits

Once you move efficiently on multipitch terrain, this course helps you understand how to push your limits while on lead - and when to back off.

Prerequisites: L2L02 or proficiency leading 5.6 or harder, multipitch routes; a clear understanding of the risks inherent to leading hard climbs.