Mountainside Adventures

Mountainside Adventures

Rock Climbing on Crane Mountain

Learn to Climb

L2C 01: Getting Started

If you've never put hand to rock before, this is the place to begin. We provide the equipment and instruction to this exciting sport. This is your starting-point: try out rock climbing under the tutelage and care of an expert guide. L2C1 is geared to getting you that crucial first-time experience.

L2C 02: Beyond the Basics

Once you understand the equipment and fundamental climbing techniques, it's time to grasp some of the technical details of climbing. At this stage, you will master the skills of tying-in, belaying, and rappelling; practice new climbing techniques, and learn the jargon of climbers. This course is predominantly experiential, but initiates you to the climbing world's language and tools as well.

Prerequisites: L2C01 or knowledge of harnesses, shoes, and helmet, ability to tie in with a Figure-8 Retrace Knot

L2C 03: Honing Skills

You've made the decision to pursue the sport, L2C 03 is the place to become proficient at it. Learn techniques that allow you to climb harder, faster, safer, and more efficiently. From here, you can choose the safety of climbing with guides, in the company of skilled leaders, or begin the process of becoming proficient yourself through Top-Rope Anchor and Learn to Lead courses.

Prerequisites: L2C02 or proficiency with harnesses, tying-in, and belay technique.