Little Mountain Pictures
10th March, 2008

by Jay Harrison

Little Mountain stands across the road from Crane Mountain as one drives up toward the trailhead for the latter peak's ascent. It is pretty much entirely on private land, so it isn't a hiking destination, but its craggy summit looks impressive as one drives along beneath it. The sun shone close in its direction on this day, so it was tricky getting decent shots without a lot of glare.

Little Mountain 62

Little Mountain 69

Little Mountain 70

Little Mountain 63
Little Mountain 68

Little Mountain 72

Scenery Around Russell Pond

A few shots of scenery near the pond where I took the mountain pics

Russell Pond Scenery 61

Russell Pond Scenery 64

Russell Pond Scenery 75

Russell Pond Scenery 60

Next Day:
Hiking Along Crane Mountain's Southwest Flank

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