Icy Hikes

28th March, 2008

by Jay Harrison

Photo Shoot:
10th March, 2008

I had an appointment in the morning, so of course, the day was gorgeous. On my way homeward that afternoon, the sky was fantastically blue. Sunlight glinted off the ice-coated trees in a way I've never seen before. Often, such light will make these ice-coatings look crystalline; but when the sun was near its highest that day, the trees transformed into a metallic luster. The trees looked like they were coated in chrome. This wasn't a "sort of" thing, something I could induce my mind to conjure with a little imagination. Quite the opposite, in fact: the trees looked so much like metal that my mind could not comfortably embrace or endorse what I was seeing. It was almost like looking out at an alien landscape.

Ice-Coated Trees beside Northway

Of course, careening along the Northway, I struggled to capture some piece of this fantastic sight with very little success. I finally got off the highway and drove along until I could take a few pictures of a hillside that still displayed a little of this effect, but by the time I was in a place to do so, the sun's angle was a bit off. Suffice to say, these pictures don't convey the real impression those ice-coated trees lent to the landscape.

More icy-coated trees by Northway

Before going home, I stopped at a neighbor's house and snapped some shots of Crane Mountain from his front yard. Driving a bit farther, it wasn't long before I had to stop at another neighbor's house and take some more photos. While the incredible metallic quality I had seen earlier was no longer in play, the crystalline quality of sunlight on ice was still marvelous.

Hillside above Northway

Crane Mtn from Neighbors House

Close to home, I stopped once more to take photos of Little and Crane Mountain just as the sun was dipping down enough to lend some shadows and perspective to the crystalline landscape. I knew I didn't have a lot of time, so I snapped away furiously, filling up two cards in the process. Hooray for digital at times like this!

Crane Mtn from Russell Pond

I've got plenty more of these to peruse through; so I've spread them out between this page, which focuses on Crane Mountain, and the next page, which focuses on Little Mountain and the scenery by Russell Pond. Enjoy...and remember, I'm selling enlargements of these.

Crane Mountain 58

Crane Mountain 65

Crane Mountain 67

Crane Mountain 59
Crane Mountain 66

Crane Mountain 71
Crane Mountain 73

Crane Mountain 74

Little Mountain Pictures

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